The 10 States With the Most Freedom in the US

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3. Oklahoma

The Sooner State comes in at number 3 thanks to its low tax rate and limited land-use regulation. Though its personal freedom lags behind its economic freedom, it has made significant progress on both dimensions throughout the years. Labor law is excellent, with a right-to-work law, no state-level minimum wage, a federally consistent anti-discrimination law, and lighter workers’ compensation mandates than most states.  Despite a higher incarceration rate than the national average, victimless crime arrest rates have been declining since 2006

However, Oklahoma is also fiscally centralized. Local taxation is about 2.9 percent of personal income, while state taxation is 4.6 percent of personal income. Government subsidies are lower than average but have risen a touch over time, to 0.06 percent of personal income. Civil asset forfeiture reform has gone nowhere in the past few years and it is still possible to get sentenced to life in prison for a single cannabis offense not involving minors. Also, for a state without a government liquor monopoly, Oklahoma does very poorly on alcohol freedom. It has statewide blue laws, a happy hour ban, a total ban on direct wine shipment, and a ban on wine and spirits in grocery stores.