The 10 Most Unstable Jobs In the US

Everyone is afraid of losing their job. You might feel pretty secure in your position, whether you’ve worked at the same place for 20 years or you’re a top ranking executive, but if the boss suddenly mentioned layoffs or that the board might want to see you removed, you’d become stressed beyond belief.

Luckily (or perhaps unfortunately), your job isn’t one of these. While some of us get cushy cubicle jobs or long contracts, not all of us can be so lucky.

This list is comprised of the most unstable jobs in America. Whether due to long bouts of unemployment, firings, or having a saturated labor force, these jobs all provide seriously unstable work environments for their employees.

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10. Construction laborers
> Unemployment rate: 11.5%
> Labor force: 1,863,000
> Industry: Construction and extraction
> Median annual wage: $31,090

With nearly 1.6 million workers employed in the field, construction jobs are among the most common in the United States. While many construction jobs call for some degree of skill and substantial physical labor, formal education is not typically required as most workers learn their skills on the job. The occupation employs more people than all but a handful of others in the country, and a relatively large share of construction workers are unemployed. About 214,000, or nearly 12% of all construction workers in the country, are currently looking for work.

Unemployment in the field may decline in the near future as the pace of job growth for construction is expected to be much higher than the average pace across all professions over the next decade.