22 People Who Have Legally Killed Someone Share Their Stories

legal killing

1. My middle daughter’s nutcase ex-boyfriend smashed the glass out of our dining room slider while we were eating supper. He burst in wielding a single bit ax. My kids fled while I attempted to reason with him. Then I fled, once I realized there was no reasoning with him.

He followed me. I tossed a cushion from the living room sofa at him, then retreated to my bedroom.

He followed me and broke down the door.

I blew him apart with my little coach gun. Both barrels.

The powers that be charged it off as justifiable homicide.

My girls and I spent six weeks in a cheap motel until we found a different house to rent.


2. I worked as a bouncer in California for five years while I went to college. There were lots of fights and squabbles. But they usually ended with no one getting hurt. With a few exceptions.

One in particular was a fellow who ran in, jumped over the bar and started throwing the bottles everywhere. Then he lit a match and threw it on the ground. Fire didn’t spread or do anything because it missed the alcohol. But I was grabbing him and hauling him back over the bar to restrain him while they called the cops.

He slashed me across my neck, clavicle, and chest with a switchblade and when I grabbed his arms to protect my face he still cut my face six more times. 96 stitches.

I was on my own. Just some kids in the bar and a female bartender so I just pushed his knife back into his throat while he kept trying to slash at my face, snapping his wrist in half in the process. I wasn’t even trying to kill or do any of that. I was just scared shitless I was going to die defending a bar. Even worse was while I was trying to stop his bleeding he was still swinging at me. He was definitely on some uppers.

My guilt is that even though I was bigger and more experienced, I wasn’t able to just solve the problem without any serious injuries. So I killed somebody.

With 9 witnesses, cameras, and one phone video, there was nothing criminal.

But I can’t touch someones arms or hands without feeling like I’ll snap their wrist in half backwards. It was sickening. Of course I quit the next day.

He was the ex boyfriend of another bartender who wasn’t even there that day. I think he might have killed the bartender that was there though so I’m glad I was there.


3. I used to work as a corrections officer at a county jail. Anyway, about 2 years ago one of our diabetic inmates had a blood sugar of about 400+ so I was the one who transported him to the ER. So we’re just sitting there talking in the hospital and I hear screaming and crashes in the room next to ours. I go to the door and there are probably 15 nurses standing outside the door of the next room over looking in.

I ask them what’s going on and they say there is a man here fighting security staff. I ask them if they need help and someone says yes so I instruct one of them to stay with my inmate and I enter the room. There is a huge man there, maybe 350 pounds, thrashing and screaming and he is fighting 4 security guards on the ground who are trying to restrain him.

I jump in, basically take a full mount on his hips, pinning his back to the floor and put him in a front facing headlock with a security guard on each limb. At this point he had defecated all over himself and there was quite a bit of blood. Anyway I’m looking in his face and his eyes are completely wild, when they just roll back in his head and he goes completely limp.

We restrain him and lift him onto the table so the nurses can get started and I go back to my inmate. About 30 minutes later the security informs me that he had died of a PCP overdose and took all my info down. I get investigated for police brutality but no charges filed. Left that job about 4 months ago.


4. I was 17, mom and dad left my 12 year old sister and I alone at home while they went to a wedding.

It’s about 2 AM and I had just laid down in bed, I hear a loud bang come from downstairs and then footsteps.

Being a paranoid kid being left alone already, I had a portable phone next to my bed and a baseball bat underneath it. I grab the phone and the bat and quietly sneak into my sister’s room. I can hear the footsteps downstairs, and I can see that they’ve turned my kitchen light on.

I call 911 as I wake my sister up and tell her to be quiet. She can tell what’s up and she gets scared and starts crying. I can’t remember exactly, but I swear I actually stuffed a sock in her mouth. She denies that part. I tell her to go hide in the closet, which she does.

Anyways, there’s a small balcony that hangs over the garage accessible from her window, so I open the window and prepare to kick the screen out. As I’m doing that, I can hear the footsteps coming up the stairs.

Not wanting to make noise by kicking the screen out, I abandon that plan and go into the closet. I keep the closet door adjacent to the bedroom door open and hide behind it with the bat ready.

The guy comes into the bedroom, he starts to walk in front of the closet and I swing the bat out the second he comes into my field of view. Caught him right in the temple.

He goes down on the floor. He’s making a weird groaning sound and rolling. Being 17 and full of adrenaline, I hit him in the head again while he’s down. He stops groaning and rolling. Lots of blood.

My sister and I hide in the closet until the cops show up. I really don’t know how long we were waiting there. I was numb.

Cops ask us questions. I try to tell them everything but I’m in shock. My sister can barely speak. They found my grandparents number and called them. Grandparents live about an hour away so the cops wait with us until my grandma shows up. Parents were home about 4 hours later, obviously they drove home immediately when the cops called them but the wedding was far.

About a week goes by and the cops come to our house and talk to my parents. Turns out the guy had a butchers knife on him and no bag or anything. He was probably just there to kill someone. Had a history of mental illness.

It was on the local news for a while. We had reporters hounding us constantly. My dad almost beat the hell out of some reporter who tried to ask my sister questions.

It messed me up really bad. I slept with the lights on until I was 23. Lost all of my friends. Saw a therapist for 12 years. I’m married and in a good spot with it now. I still sleep with a gun in the drawer even though I live in a nice suburb with virtually no crime. I realize I did what needed to be done, but I probably think about it at least once a day.

My sister was traumatized. It fucked her up. I don’t want to go into much detail because it’s depressing to think about let alone type out. She’s better now though, but she still suffers from PTSD.

It was horrific night. One of those things you never think will happen. Stay smart and be ready for anything.


5. I own a diesel performance shop and many nights stay up there till midnight, I’ll leave my office doors open if the weather feels nice.

There is a bar next to my shop so I am use to people walking through my parking lot or by my office and never think about it. This night it was a Friday and a guy stumbles up to my door mumbling. I cant understand him so I walk over and ask him if he is okay. He then straightened up and pulls a knife and slashed my face. Told me he knew today I payed all my guys in cash and to give him what was left.

I told him I only withdraw the exact amount for payroll and he tells me something ill never forget, “get me money or your momma gonna be goin’ to a funeral this week”

I said okay, reached in my desk and pulled out a 380 a customer sold me the week before and shot twice. First one hit his stomach second his leg. I was trying to be non fatal but as it turns out apparently most shots in the leg are, because of a major artery. I tied off his leg while waiting for the police but he was dead before they got there.

I don’t regret it, it turned out he was on meth so who knows how it would have gone for me. I also sincerely believe if you threaten someones life you forfeit your own. Sad thing is his parents are customers of mine I went to the funeral. They told me they don’t blame me and they still bring their trucks to me and it’s really only when I see them that it comes up.

6. I’m from extremely rural Louisiana on top of that the police, who we begged for help, were ignorant to our situation.

But I was 15, my father was horribly abusive to my mother, me and 4 other siblings. Like, he didn’t allow us schooling as the abuse was so evident.

Well it was my 15th birthday, and he had refused to buy me gifts or anything as he believed I was “too spoiled for gifts, and too fat for cake” so like any 15 year old I cried.

My mother baked me a cake anyway when she thought that he left, but he came back right when we were cutting it.

It was horrible, he mashed the cake on the ground and pushed her into it. He had a steal bar that he was beating her with even when she was unconscious.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t stand by and let him kill her. While his back was turned and standing over my barely there mother, I took the gun that he left on the counter and just shot him.

I can still remember how everything seemed to slow down and stop. I shot him about four times, that’s what I was told but I can’t remember honestly.

I do remember working in autopilot, I gathered up all my siblings and packed all our stuff into a car. My sister and I cleaned up our mother and laid her across the seat.

We drove to the nearest ER where we were already “frequent fliers” from my father. This time was obviously different, the nurses were horrified and rushed us all to a separate room from the waiting room.

Child services was called but none of us would speak till my mother was back. It was a mess.

Eventually it was ruled that it was third party self defense or something, we packed our bags and we moved to Florida.

So you understand why my mother never tried to leave, this was a man who tracked us two towns over, brought us back, locked me in a closet and later tried to light me on fire. This was literally my only way out.


7. 2012, I had been doing security for about 5 months. I worked at a shithole apartment complex, which was an unarmed property. But after 2 drive bys, I requested from the property management and my company to allow me to carry while I was there. I had my armed guard card so it was legal.

3 days after I got permission to carry, I had some domestic abuse issues going on and had cops on scene. After everyone cleared out, I went back to my patrols. I was standing at an apartment building on the edge of the street. While I had my head down writing out my report, I felt a sharp pain in my back. I stood straight up and next thing I know someone has their arm around my neck in a head lock. He managed to get another stab into my stomach just under my vest. I grabbed for my firearm, pushed up in an attempt to break the hold, which was ineffective. I could feel him trying to stab, but only meeting my vest. I put my gun to the bottom of his head and pulled the trigger. His let go of his grip, and I turned around. His face was completely fucked, the angle of the gun made the bullet come out of his nose region, his jaw was flash burnt to absolute shit and just hanging like a zombie. I put 2 more into his chest when he finally fell. PCP is one hell of a drug kids.

One of the reporting officers for the domestic abuse was parked up the street. He saw the whole thing, but didn’t have time to warm me because he said the druggie was running towards me, and since I was near a busy street, I couldn’t hear him coming. I was not guilty, the guy had 2 warrants and a long list of previous criminal history from assault to grand theft auto. I haven’t really thought about it since it happened.


8. I’m a nurse, and generally the doctor writes the order to titrate morphine “for air hunger”. Discontinues any medication and writes for “comfort measures only.” Then I just keep giving morphine until they don’t crave air anymore. Nurses have to kill people all the time. Some I feel good about, some I feel fucking horrible. 22 yo with cancer, 48 year old with ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Some just stay with you for the rest of your life.


9. A guy had taken serious issue with me earlier that year (2010) over hooking up with his ex girlfriend and then dating her after. Some threatening Facebook messages was the only real interaction I had with him up until the night it happened.

Fast forward a few months I was at a bar with friends, he keeps trying to start problems outside when we were smoking. I keep backing away with no intention to fight this guy, telling him repeatedly that I don’t want to fight him. He swings and hits me and my reaction was to punch him in the throat, and I really don’t know why… I guess the face just seemed like it would break my hand, as I had never actually punched somebody before.

Well, he fell back and hit his head on a curb and died later in the hospital from the head injury. Police never laid charges as there was a camera on the parking lot, and he was clearly the aggressor. I feel bad that he died, wish he didn’t, but I just kind of tell myself that he did it to himself, just very unfortunate it happened the way it did.

10. I was driving my aunt for some last minute shopping before she left for the UK the next day. Traffic in Kenya is pure chaos, basically every man for himself. Anyways, I’m driving at about 50kph, suddenly I see a homeless guy jump into oncoming traffic trying to cross the road. I guess he miscalculated the speed of the oncoming bus because he was hit and sent flying right onto my lane.

He lands about 2ft from the car, and at the speed I was doing it was too late to stop. Long story short, there’s a very sickening sound the head makes as it explodes under pressure. I’m not sure if the impact from the bus killed him but I sure as hell finished him off. It crosses my mind every time I get into the driver’s seat.


11. I was walking to 7/11 in the middle of the day on a weekday and took a shortcut across an empty lot in Austin, TX. A guy jumped out from behind some vegetation and I saw him out of the corner of my eye as he was mid jump. He tackled me and was on top of me and hit me a few times and I pulled out my knife and cut from about his chin to his ear.

He never said anything. Never asked for anything, just jumped on top of me and started hitting. He ran off and bled too much before he made it to the hospital.

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