22-year-old Facing Jail After Writing Facebook Post About Drinking While on Probation for a DUI

By Alexandra Klausner  

One Westland, Michigan woman’s facebook post the day after Saint Patrick’s could lead to her own post in a local jail.

Colleen Cudney, 22, who was on probation for a DUI from 2012 thought she had police fooled the day after Saint Patrick’s day when she was called in for a random breathalyzer test and passed even though she’d been drinking the night before.

Cudney who isn’t allowed to drink as part of her DUI probation was so proud of her so-called accomplishment that she posted it on facebook.





Local 4 reported that she wrote, ‘Buzz killer for me, I had to breathalyze (sic) this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumba@@.’

Cudney’s facebook and the post has since been deleted following media coverage.

A Westland Police Officer saw Cudney’s post that morning and and notified the probation office who called her in for a urine test. Police say upon receiving the call she hung up the phone.

A urine test will show if Cudney had anything to drink up to 80 hours before taking it.

Cudney is due in court on April 1st for a probation hearing. She could be sentenced to 93 days in jail. Ironically enough, Cudney’s probation was set to end soon.

News 4 interviewed Michigan locals about their opinion on Cudney’s behavior.

‘I hope they throw the book at you young lady because it’s sad that you did something like that because you could hurt someone or kill someone,’ Oak Park resident Anita Brown said.

The Mail Online tried contacting the Westland Police Department to see if facebook regulation was common practice but no one was available for comment.

article-2592293-1CAAE8D100000578-371_634x407Anita Brown told reporters that she hopes Cudney will read the Bible and take responsibility for her dangerous actions ‘that could have killed someone’

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