8 Companies That Could Go Out of Business Soon

companies that could go out of business3. Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart’s self-named magazine has been floundering for years, much like her own popularity. Her company, which has three divisions, has seen its publishing division consistently lose millions of dollars in revenue consistently from quarter to quarter, dropping by $62 million in 2012. Managers have continually come and gone but all that has remained are the astronomical falling profits.

The other two divisions may just save the company if it drops its publishing division or moves it online. Merchandising enjoyed a nice profit margin, managing to be the only profitable division in the company’s third quarter last year. Even the small broadcasting division managed to make some cash in 2013. However, with its publishing section as its largest one, we’re unsure about how well the company will fair. We’re sure her prison bout due to insider trading didn’t help Stewart much on the homemaker front either.



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