8 Companies That Could Go Out of Business Soon

companies that could go out of business2. Nook

Barnes and Noble’s answer to the Amazon Kindle, the Nook has failed to penetrate the e-reader market the way investors would have hoped. Perhaps mostly due to its inability to brand itself as anything but a tablet for e-books, sales of both the Nook itself and its e-books have fallen by 26% between the third quarter of 2012 and the third quarter of 2013. Even a $300 million investment from Microsoft has done nothing to save the dwindling division of Barnes and Noble.

It has always been an uphill battle for Nook since it first appeared on the market. Coming out 2 years after its closest competitor Kindle has done nothing to help it and the fact that the e-reader market in general are expected to decline by 27% certainly doesn’t help ether. The launch of the iPad brought new challenges for e-readers, a market essentially born from the Amazon Kindle’s launch in 2007, and the Nook did nothing in terms of advertising to meet those challenges. Despite having almost all of the same capabilities has any other tablet on the market, Barnes & Noble only showcased the Nook’s e-reader aspect. On top of that, Barnes & Noble has failed to even come close to Amazon’s number of online visitors, managing only 6 million visitors a month versus Amazon’s 130 million.



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