The Most Hilariously Bad Advertising Fails Ever


Marketing is a billion dollar industry devoted to convincing consumers to spend their hard-earned money on certain products; unfortunately, they’re not always getting what they pay for.

The creative community Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most hilarious advertising fails, from the berry loaf containing just one measly raisin to a bag of ‘fresh onions’ filled with russet potatoes.

And while comparing the ads to the product’s reality is good for a laugh, those who purchased the deceiving merchandise probably weren’t as thrilled at first glance.




In one comical image, the Easter Bunny proves to be a master of disguise. While the foil wrapper of the chocolate features the image of a Pope, undoubtedly leading many to believe that the confectionery treat also resembles the religious figure, the inside actually contains a rabbit.

Another photo sees a case of Sprite cans wrapped in red Coca-Cola logoed plastic. The confusing packaging from the Coca-Cola company, which owns Sprite, presumably led more than one customer to unknowingly buy the wrong soft drink.

Meanwhile, a 10lb bag containing what is clearly a bunch of russet potatoes is advertised to be ‘fresh onions’.

The person who accidentally picked up 10lbs worth of potatoes was probably not pleased about having to return to the grocery store.

And a picture frame that reads ‘My Dog’ actually features a photo of a cat, however, the person who bought it was most-likely going to change the image to contain their own pet anyway.

One common gripe among consumers involves food products that are missing the key ingredients that are advertised on the packaging.

While one package of brownies topped with nuts didn’t feature any nuts, another person’s mushroom and spinach pizza only contained a few spinach leaves.

Similar images see a Fit & Active turkey and broccoli stuffed sandwich missing the stuffing, a Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Prosciutto covered in heaps of seasoning, and a package of ‘strawberries’ filled with grapes.

And then there are the items that contain so little of the featured ingredients, it’s laughable.






One consumer learned that their box of Hostess Chocolate Creme Twinkies was missing a great deal of filling after they bit into one of the treats.

Meanwhile, the cream inside one packaged cake was only featured in the center—not throughout the confectionery treat like it is advertised, and a supposedly cranberry-filled chocolate bar had only six cranberries inside it.

Other customers found themselves irritated by products that didn’t at all resemble the delicious-looking treats featured on their packages.

While one box of microwaveable Chili Spaghetti advertised pasta topped with ground meat and cheese, the actual product contained what looked like brown sludge.

Someone else regretfully purchased a rib-eye steak at a dollar store only to open the package and see it contained a mess of torn pieces of beef.

And then their are the mishaps where the products don’t match their intended purpose.

One bag that was supposed to feature a ‘musical instrument’ actually contained a toy gun, and a bag of alien balloons only had two minuscule eyes at the bottom when they were blown up.

Another instance of false advertisement for a package of rope sees a man mountain climbing, but the instructions warn that the rope is ‘not suitable for climbing’, reminding consumers everywhere to read carefully and never rely on just pictures.







This article originally appeared on Daily Mail.


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