The Hat This Home Depot Employee Wore to Work Has People VERY Angry

Home Depot cashier Krystal Lake was photographed wearing a custom-made, white baseball cap with the words “America Was Never Great” as she worked at her Staten Island location Sunday.

The image was posted to social media and has sparked support, outrage and — according to Lake — death threats.

Lake, an admitted supporter of Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), spoke with the Staten Island Advance about the death threats she has allegedly received and explained why she had the controversial hat made.

“I wanted to send a message,” Lake said, adding, “I wanted to show people, no, hey, it never was that great.”

Lake claimed that her hat was more of a statement against Donald Trump than an indictment of America.

Despite her belief that America was “never great,” the 22-year-old stressed, “I don’t hate America. I’m not an anti-American.”

Many on social media had a problem with Lake’s hat.

After seeing the image and being asked about the hat, Home Depot spokesman Stephan Holmes told the press the company’s associates are not allowed to wear anything with a “political statement,” adding, “Unfortunately, no one on our management team saw her wearing the hat — otherwise, they would have had her remove it immediately,” he said.

This article originally appeared on The Blaze.


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