Apple Store Employees Caught Group Messaging Nude Photos of Customers Taken From Their Phones

apple store

It’s been about as bad of a month for Samsung as any company has ever experienced. They’ve had to completely shut down the Note 7, a move that’s expected to cost Samsung several billions of dollars, and they’ve been smeared through the press. On the other side of the industry is Apple who just launched the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to critical acclaim and they’ve been raking in the profits ever since.

It was only a matter of time before the Universe corrected this massive imbalance of good press and fortune, and it seems to have come in the form of a group of Apple Store ‘Geniuses’ getting caught stealing nude pictures from the phones of customers and sending them around in a group text.

Four male staff members have been sacked over the claims, which reportedly involved them taking more than 100 close-up and explicit photos of female customers and staff.

However, an Apple investigation found ‘no evidence that photos were inappropriately transferred’ at a store in Carindale, Queensland, Australia.

An anonymous worker at the Apple store told The Courier-Mail: ‘One person would take a photo and add it to the chat and others would give the person or their butt or their boobs a rating out of 10 and they would add their own side commentary.

‘Everyone feels uncomfortable and the female staff don’t know how to feel because the leadership won’t tell staff who is involved.’

In case you were unaware, being an ‘Apple Genius’ is actually a pretty cushy job. You do nothing but assist customers all day long and you have the most valuable company in the world (Apple) throwing resources at you. It doesn’t require much specialized knowledge at all, you just need to learn a few new products a handful of times each year, and you get paid reasonably well.

This all being said, it doesn’t really compute to me why these jackasses would throw away such a cake walk of a job for a few nude pics. And yet here we are, with 4 male employees fired and over 100 nude pics stolen. Great job, guys.

This article originally appeared on BroBible.