This Picture of 3 Girls in Bikinis Is Going Viral, and NOT For the Reason You Think it Is

ankle bracelet

The latest in viral internet sensations is a picture of three girls in bikinis at a convenience store. However, unless you spend a little more time looking at the picture, you may not realize why.

At first glance, this photo seems like an innocent-looking image, showing three girls shopping, wearing bikinis. But after a closer look, it becomes clear that one of the girls has accessorised her beach look… See if you can spot with what.

ankle bracelet 01

Eagle-eyed Imgur user JarJarDrinks, from the US, uploaded the photo onto the social media site with the caption: ‘Nothing adds to your summer look like a court ordered ankle monitor…’. The photo received a whopping 95,300 views in just two days, and hundreds of comments.

‘It’s actually quite nice that despite having made mistake & getting punished that person is trying to enjoy the summer,’ wrote Imgur user Kraken928.

‘Thanks for pointing that out. I would say 90 per cent of us were not looking at her ankles,’ added Spookyactionman.

And Elbart wrote: ‘That thing covers almost more skin than her bikini.’

This image represents the classiest that America has to offer. One comment pointed out that the bracelet may not be a “house arrest” bracelet (one that tracks your location to make sure you do not go 100m from your residence), but instead a transdermal alcohol bracelet which tests to see if you have consumed alcohol. Either that or this girl lives literally on the beach.

Further more, it would appear she has tried to tamper with it by throwing vast amounts of duct tape on it. Great idea! Now when you get arrested for breaking your court order, you’ll look even more trashy as the police are cuffing you.

Take a lesson from this girl, people: ankle bracelet tan lines are NOT cute.