Good Luck Getting These Removed: Newest Tattoo Trend Could Be the Most Idiotic One Yet

black tats

Forget watercolor, glitter and white tattoos, there’s a new trend in ink: blackout tattoos.

Whilst many tattoos have intricate designs and bright colours, the blackout tattoo involves large portions of the body being inked solid black.

Arms and legs are the most common placement for the blackout tattoo, but some even get their chests, backs and stomachs tattooed too.

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Linjojo’z, from Singapore, is one convert to all black tattoos. Originally started to cover up other tattoos, she now has her chest and right arm tattooed completely black.

The tattoo, which was done by Chester at Oracle Tattoo in Singapore, features a scalloped ‘neckline’ and a rose on her hand.

The tattoo artist, who specializes in blackout tattoos, posted a picture of the completed work on Instagram where it gained more than 6,000 likes.

Linjojo’z had previously posted photos of the tattoo in progress, showing it starting to cover up what appeared to be a large skull chest piece.

When asked if she planned to black out her other arm, the young woman said she had no plans to. ‘Nope! I am happy with the way my tattoos look now!’ she wrote on Instagram.

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Other tattoos by the same artist that did Linjojo’z’s work have included solid black leg tattoos, using negative space on the skin to create simple and stunning designs.

Other popular blackout tattoos include full leg pieces, often only leaving small portions of skin tattoo free to create a design.

Arm pieces that feature large portions of black that faded out at the edges are also popular and not as heavy as some other blackout tattoos.

One man even went as far to get his entire body tattooed, with only small lines of skin left uninked in symmetrical lines.

For any curious, it typically takes 10-12 sessions over a two year period to fully remove a tattoo. These types of tattoos are probably leaning more towards 12. Or 20. Here’s a video of what it looks like when they try to remove one of these tattoos (spoiler alert, the person in the video still isn’t finished getting the tattoo removed and this was posted in September of 2014):

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.