Bodycam Footage Shows Officers Shooting Homeless Man to Death After He Had Surrendered

Concerns about police brutality in the US have boiled over into protests and heated exchanges in the media in recent years. The Black Lives Matter movement swept across the world in response to what was seen as excessive police force used against black men in the US.

Apprehension over gun culture in the US, and how this can manifest in form of a trigger-happy police force, are certainly not new fears. In fact, part of the difficulty in addressing these issues lie in the deep, historical legacies they stem from.

Unfortunately, the release of yet another video appearing to show excessive use of force by US police is re-igniting this debate, and it’s not for the better. Body cam footage recorded in Indiana appears to show the police reacting violently to a homeless man who seems to be surrendering.

Released by the Evansville Police Department in Indiana, the video appears to show local police shooting 38-year-old Daniel J Wooters seven times when apprehended after brandishing a knife and stealing a police car.

Evansville police claim this video supports their version of events which claims that Wooters was still armed with the knife when he emerged from the stolen vehicle. He is alleged to have stolen this vehicle after attacking a female police officer who was one of the first to respond when Wooters allegedly threatened to kill members of the public at a restaurant. Wooters later died in hospital from his wounds.

This is yet another sad case in which a life has been lost in the course of an arrest. As the heated debate over police use of force rages on in the US, it remains to be seen what concrete steps will be taken to address the structural issues that seem to perpetuate these situations.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.