Bully Attacks an Innocent Victim Thinking He’d Get Away With It, Gets What He Deserves Instead

There’s nothing like seeing an underdog overcome the odds and give a bully exactly what he deserves.

Although it’s never good to see violence, if the end result is a total douchebag getting knocked out, it’s hard not to watch and have a smile across your face.

The following video was posted to LiveLeak, and shows a guy in a tank top berate and attack a much smaller, innocent fella, presumably for his bright orange leopard print rucksack. It is believed have been filmed in Indonesia, and features a group of kids evidently walking home from school or college.

After the initial attack and scuffle, the gloves – along with the daring backpack – come off, and the bully soon learns he’s messed with the wrong kid on the wrong day:

And it’s clear the internet loves seeing jackasses get their comeuppance, as the video has already been viewed over 300,000 time since being uploaded two days ago.

Just like in natures, the bright colours and bold prints of his backpack should have been taken as a warning.

For another bully getting exactly what he deserves, check out this incredible flying drop kick this guy received after picking on the wrong crowd. Seriously, this guy should be on Street Fighter or something.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.