Bully Picks a Fight After Making Fun of Kid, He Was NOT Expecting the Retaliation

Let this be a lesson to anyone who would try to bully someone – make sure you pick on someone your own size.

A fight broke out between two high school students after one of them started teasing the other for being fat. While we don’t get to witness what happens before the fight, the video evidence proves that our poor red-shirted hero is innocent of the instigation.

In the video of the ordeal, we see it open with the smaller student immediately taking a swing at the bigger one as he’s cheered on by a crowd of students. He misses, and as the student in the red shirt comes forward, his smaller bully can’t resist trying to take a few jabs at him.

Finally, the bully rushes his victim, but instead of beating him down like he probably assumed he would, the bully gets flipped and slammed to the ground. Luckily for the punk, before his victim can finish him off, a teacher comes and puts him in a chokehold, pulling him back until he could calm down. Check out the video below, and let us know how you deal with your bullies down below.