After Bully Torments Students, an Unlikely Hero Teaches Him a Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget

Sonoma Valley High School has recently come into the spotlight after a bit of scandal that took place last Thursday.

Video footage shows a teenage girl dominating a male student who has been accused of bullying other girls at school. The video shows the girl pushing the guy to the ground, smashing her knee into his face twice and then fleeing the scene.

Scroll down for video.

Apparently no teachers or point of authority can name the young girl involved as her face is not seen well/recognisable in the footage.

When the girl ran away, a woman can be heard yelling, “Get that girl! Right now! Who is that girl?” which leads us to believe that the teen is not very well known at school.

Many students have said that the boy got exactly what he deserved for the amount of bullying and distress he’s caused other females on campus, but the principle of the school does not agree.

The school made a statement saying;

“We never condone violence in any shape or form. People are commenting on Facebook without any knowledge of the incident, and it’s just unfortunate that those are the things we deal with.”

The police weren’t called, but the ambulance did make a visit to check on the boy in question.

Well, goodness me. I mean, of course I am no advocate of violence. In fact, I hate seeing someone in pain.

But for some reason, I get odd satisfaction seeing revenge pay off. Hopefully you do too.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.