Candid Photo of Idiot Hipster Reveals He REALLY Has No Idea What the Hell He’s Doing

It was a ‘what the’ moment, where logic appeared to go out the window.

A hilarious picture shows the moment a ‘hipster’ tried to do the impossible task of fitting a large piece of furniture inside a hatchback car.

The bizarre yet hilarious scene was captured by an onlooker on Exhibition Street, in Melbourne’s CBD.

Not only does the furniture appear to be bigger than the car but the boot was deemed too small.

idiot hipster

The young man instead turned to the side of the vehicle managing to put a corner of the couch through the door.

The hispter’s chosen method of fitting the couch into the car baffled social media users.

‘Why try the door at all but not the boot? How did he even get it to the car? I have so many questions,’ wrote one person.

‘Given it’s a station wagon, has he already tried the rear door and when that didn’t fit thought “right, better try the side doors”?’ said another.

While other users attempted to make excuses for the bizarre task many failed to find an explanation.

‘His manbun must be too tight,’ said one user.

‘Cars are usually smaller on the inside than their owners seem to think,’ said another.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.