Chef Gordon Ramsay Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine After Making Pad Thai for Famous Thai Chef

In the world of television cuisine, there are few people more renowned than Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef is famous for his harsh criticisms and inhumane way of dealing with chefs when they make even the slightest mistakes. It makes for good TV for sure, but are these the qualities that really make a master chef?

Well, now the truth is out. In an episode of his show The F Word, Ramsay joins forces with the head chef of famed restaurant the Blue Elephant, one of the most respected Thai restaurants in Britain and perhaps the world. The pair will be cooking up a meal for the Buddhist monks of the Wimbledon Thai temple. This particular honor is highly revered, as the monks are only allowed to eat one meal per day. That means that meal better be perfect.

Ramsay decides to whip up a “quick” Pad Thai for the monks, and seems all too confident of his abilities even before Chef Cheng can test his dish. The look on his face after biting into the celebrity chef’s noodles more than likely knocked him down a couple of levels.

Moral of the day? Never be cocky about your abilities when dealing with someone more experienced than you. You wouldn’t try to advise your CEO on better engineering practices if he had a PhD in Engineering from Harvard. Don’t try to tell a Thai chef that your Pad Thai is good if he says it isn’t.