Chipotle Nearly Killed a Guy, and Not With Their Food

To say things haven’t been good for Chipotle lately would be an understatement. Once a mecha of fast food, the chain has experienced huge revenue drops and massive paycheck cuts after becoming associated with diarrhea and disease.

It looks like Chipotle may suffer another blow to their profit margin after a man was nearly killed thanks to the company in Nora, Indiana. In a report by RTV 6, fierce winds caused a Chipotle sign (made of BRICK) to fall onto a nearby parked car, crushing it like a soda can.

The owner was actually inside the car when it happened but managed to escape with his life. In addition to the car being totaled, he sustained a few minor cuts and bruises. While he should be thankful to be alive, we can only imagine how much he’ll be suing the company for.

Here are some pictures of the car:

chipotle sign 01

chipotle sign 03

chipotle sign 02

The kicker in all of this? The man wasn’t even going to Chipotle. He was planning on visiting a Sprint store in the same plaza. Once the sign fell, he went into the store as planned, where employees called for help.



“We heard this large crashing sound, I turn around and saw the sign on the car and then a guy just emerged from the car he kind of stumbled around a little bit,” Caleb Vilhauer said.

“It is hard to believe. I think it was a miracle that he was able to get out when he did cause if he, another split second probably he would be dead.”