Company Maps Out Penis Sizes Around the World, and Guess Where the US Ranks

penis map

You can start your own business, build an empire, and even amass amounts of money that no one will ever be able to surpass, but in modern society none of that matters if you aren’t packing something down there.

For many men, their penis is often a central part of their lives: from the bedroom to notions of valor to drunken bar fights and even some cultural events, there’s just something intriguing about genitalia. Maybe it’s the fact that we never see it, but people are just obsessed.

In fact so obsessed, one company decided to do a survey.

Created by Target Map, the compiled data shows us how large the average erect penis is in various nations around the world. From a scale of red to green, they show the countries with the biggest members versus the smallest. They were even kind enough to give us, in centimeters, the average size in each country.

Just look for yourself:

penis size worldwide

Is there really a need for a conclusion? Doesn’t this just speak for itself in a manner that even Shakespeare couldn’t put into words? Do I need to crack the millionth joke relating to African bounty, or Asian lackluster? Really?

One country that’s worth noting though – America isn’t doing so hot. It’s most likely due to the fact that we’re a melting pot of everyone. So next time you hear an American guy bragging about his manhood, you might want to call him on his bluff. There’s a good chance he’s lying.