Cop Gives Man a Ticket For Broken Windshield In the Middle of His Appointment to Get It Repaired

Having a cracked windshield is probably one of the most stressful things that could ever happen to your car. Not only does it cost a bomb to fix, you have to drive to the car repair shop with the looming fear that the glass is going to come shattering all over your face and arms any minute.

A Colorado man recently found himself in exactly this situation, but instead of simply getting it fixed, he ended up getting a ticket for driving an unsafe car. Where was he given the ticket? In the parking lot of the car repair shop, of all places.

Nick Berlin explained that kids had vandalized his car, resulting in a broken windshield. As soon as he could get an appointment to have it fixed, he headed over to the glass repair shop. Just as he drove into the parking lot, a police officer pulled him over.

David Sprague, the owner of the repair shop, said: “We were just standing here in our door and were ready for his appointment, and all of the sudden we see a cop out there writing the guy a ticket. We were pretty astounded to think that was what happened.”

Images provided by the glass repair shop show damages to the passenger side of the windshield, which Sprague believes “had plenty of visibility on the driver side.” He also added that if Berlin was unable to cancel the ticket, he would pick up the $46 fine for him.

A spokesperson said a commander within the department didn’t want to do any interviews on the matter and that no comment would be provided. The spokesperson would only say the ticketing officer had his own “discretion.”

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.