Cops Get Last Laugh By Leaving This Snarky Note Behind After a Drug Bust

Fighting crime all day can be a tough job.

So police decided to make their own amusement by leaving drug dealers a cheeky note.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police left the message after finding a stash of narcotics hidden in a hole, on Wednesday.

Two bags of marijuana were discovered in a pipe by the policemen who took the drugs and replaced them with the note, which was written on headed Met Police paper.

Sergeant Paul Taylor spotted the ‘sneaky hidey-hole’ on Wednesday in Camden, north London, near a canal towpath.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Drugs found by the team today in the dealers’ latest sneaky hidey-hole. Found by PC ‘Sniffer’ Simmond’s snout.’

The note simply read: ‘unlucky’.


‘This note left in the place of the early seizure, officers left a note in place of the drugs.’

The typical street value of an ounce of weed in London is between £100 and £130.

However, the pictures show that only two small bags were found in the north London hiding place.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.