Cops Offer to Step Up Protection for Ted Cruz After Fears for His Safety

The U.S. Capitol Police have offered to provide additional security protection for Texas Senator Ted Cruz following angry confrontations on the floor of the GOP convention in Cleveland, a law enforcement source tells

The offer of extra protection came hours after Cruz left the Quicken Loans Arena Wednesday night being subjected to taunts and boos after he refused to endorse Donald Trump and instead urged Americans to vote their ‘conscience.’

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His wife, Heidi Cruz, had to be hustled out of the arena by a Cruz supporter fearful for her security.

Cruz addressed Texas delegates Thursday morning and got furious blowback from Trump supporters and even some of his own backers, as they yelled out at him and demanded answers for why he wouldn’t endorse Trump outright.

When he appeared, Cruz was flanked by two security agents who stood guard and kept a close eye on delegates decked out in white cowboy hats and red, white, and blue outfits.

It wasn’t immediately known whether Cruz had accepted the offer. The Capitol Police routinely provide extra security for some senators and representatives including some who receive specific threats. Cruz, however, already employs his own security protection detail.

The force also contracts with local undercover police and civilian professionals to protect lawmakers deemed to be under threat.

Cruz previously had protection provided by the U.S. Secret Service, but had to give it up when he was no longer a presidential candidate after he dropped out of the race following his loss in Indiana.

One Republican lawmaker, asked by about whether Cruz needed to get more security, responded, ‘He’s intentionally placed himself in this position and sometimes martyrs choose to do this and I think we ought to work together as a team.’

Another Republican lawmaker who witnessed the angry clashes on the floor, fretted about the dangers posed by a ‘madman’ to anyone in the public eye, while condemning the displays of temper or approximation of violence.

‘That’s not the Republican way,’ the lawmaker told ‘We settle scores at the ballot box through discourse not through violence.’

A Cruz staffer didn’t respond to a request about whether he had sought or accepted additional security.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.