When These Guys Tried Mixing a Few Household Ingredients Together, It Did Something COMPLETELY Unexpected

Science is considered one of the most noble pursuits you can engage in. Whether you’re questing for a cure for a deadly disease, the key to developing a piece of technology that could revolutionize the world, or just knowledge for knowledge’s sake, science has your back.

While a lot of aspects of science can be very dry and boring, here’s an experiment that is sure to awaken the inner scientist in you. It’s fun, it’s awesome, and you can do it at home. It’s a little thing called elephant toothpaste and once you watch the video, you’ll know exactly why they call it that.

Here’s a step by step guide of what you’ll need to do if you want to duplicate this demonstration:

  1. Prepare yeast solution by adding dry yeast to warm water and wait a few minutes until it becomes frothy.
  2. Pour 2 inches of hydrogen peroxide (3%) into the bottle.
  3. Place bottle on baking sheet.
  4. Squeeze in a good squirt of dish soap.
  5. Pour in yeast solution (3 tablespoons).

The above steps will give you a smaller reaction than the ones you’ll see in the video above. If you want to get this same kind of punch, you’ll need a stronger hydrogen peroxide sample (about 35% should cut it). Also, remember to wear all the proper safety equipment. You know, gloves, goggles, the essentials. This reaction creates a lot of heat and isn’t dangerous with a small percentage of H202, but with a larger one it can really burn! Good luck, and let us know how you liked this experiment by commenting down below.