Curt Schilling Is Getting Some Serious Flack for What He Just Posted on Facebook About Immigration

curt schilling facebook post

Former MLB star Curt Schilling has in recent years returned to the spotlight, but this time it’s not quite as glimmering as it was before.

After his last twitter scandal, you’d think he’d have learned that politics may not be the best forum for him to speak on. Just because he’s a sports celebrity doesn’t mean he’s qualified to solve our nation’s problems. Then again, Martha in accounting seems to always be tweeting about her solutions to global crisis too, so he’s certainly within his right under the first amendment.

Regardless, just because you can speak your mind doesn’t always mean you should. This exchange is proof of that.

Schilling came under fire after he took to Facebook to address the terror attack in NYC and NJ last weekend. Here is his post, still currently circulating the web:

So let’s look break down some of the basic problems with this, as whether you support open borders or are passionate about preventing illegal immigration, this should have raised a couple of red flags:

-He wants to temporarily ban all ‘foreign nationals from entering this country via air’, including from ally countries, with no idea of what date that ban would end. Does he think that people come to vacation in the US by boat?

-He wants people to prove they are not linked to terrorists at all, which is kind of like asking someone to prove you are not linked to the mafia. All you can really do is say, “I’m not linked to the mafia and I don’t have any family members who are either” and hope that they believe you.

-He proposes that we pay to build a wall with the money taken by civil forfeiture in arrests. Note the word arrest, meaning people who haven’t been convicted of a crime yet.

-He alludes to the Berlin Wall as if it were a positive thing. No further comment.

-He essentially states at the end that people accused of terrorism should be immediately put to death without a trial or due process. Something tells me he doesn’t understand why a right to a trial is a thing.

In case you’re not clear on why it’s a thing either, here’s a user from Twitter responding to Schilling and essentially forcing him to take a seat: