Dan Bilzerian Kicks Hillary Off of His Private Jet, And the Reason Why is Priceless

In more unfortunate news for the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton just got 86’d from a private jet owned by Hollywood playboy Dan Bilzerian.

For those unfamiliar with Bilzerian, the millionaire is a venture capitalist and poker player with a $150 million net worth. Part of that net worth comes from the ownership of a private jet company, Goat Airways LLC, which Hillary Clinton had been renting from in order to fly around the country to promote her campaign and annoy millions of Americans everywhere with her presence.

However, after getting wind that the candidate was using his jet, Bilzerian has banned Clinton from flying with his company. Why, might you ask? Could it be because the millionaire is buddy buddy with rival candidate Donald Trump?

In an age of pussified political correctness, you have to respect people who remain unfiltered

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Nope! In reality, the reason Clinton has been banned from Bilzerian’s jets because — get this — HE’s worried about contamination. Even with how filthy he is though, we can’t blame him – Hillary seems to leave a special kind of stink everywhere she goes.

Here’s the video of the encounter, posted be TMZ, of him giving his reasoning while leaving LA restaurant The Nice Guy with fellow rich over-the-top playboy Chris Brown.