Dictator of a Boss Gets the ULTIMATE Slap in the Face After Treating an Employee Like Crap


It’s rare that you find a boss who you really appreciate. We often forget that bosses are people too, and their seeming incompetence is sometimes just simply a result of being human. We can’t expect them to be good at EVERYTHING (thought the least they could do is be good at their jobs – ahem…)

All of that being said, you should be thankful that you don’t have the same boss one Redditor saw his co-workers get stuck with seemingly out of the blue. Inexperienced, self-righteous, AND a lack of respect for people? Please. I would be out the door in seconds. However, one employee gave him the ultimate “up yours” after putting up with enough of his shit.

Thanks to urge_underkill for sharing. Enjoy and applaud.


I was working for a tech startup in ’98 that was growing by leaps and bounds, and one day they re-orged the department and promoted this guy, Teddy, who had been there for like two weeks to manager. He had four or five people working for him, and he treated them all like shit. They were all self-motivated, senior-level people, and he treated them like children. He micromanaged their work, berating everything they did, complained when they had to leave work for stuff like a dentist appointment or a sick kid. When he first took over, he tried to enforce a policy where none of them could check in code unless he code reviewed it in person and then did the check in himself (that lasted less than two weeks). He reviewed an existing, approved schedule for a software release, decided it wasn’t aggressive enough, told his superiors that they were going to pull it in by three months, and then ordered everyone to work weekends. Not because there was a business need, but because he wanted to show them that he could get stuff done.

After a few months, this woman, Kelly, who was working for him gave her two weeks notice, saying that she was offered a managerial job at another company. Teddy lost it. You could hear him screaming through the walls of his office, then as she walked out of the office and he followed her to the exit, shouting at her the whole time: you’re fucking worthless, Kelly, you’re going to fail, don’t come crawling back looking for a job, I’m glad to see you go, now I can hire someone with real skills, etc., etc. For at least a month after she was gone, he would randomly just say shit like “I can’t believe that bitch just up and left, what a cunt” or “Oh, Kelly really fucked things up good. We’re probably going to miss our release date because of how she left things.” HR sat down privately with the guy to talk things over, and then he started bitching about HR. “They’re covering their asses so they don’t get sued. They don’t give a shit about good company men like me.”

A few months later our company was acquired and we went to the welcome meeting that the other company had set up. Their CTO and the VP of Development spent about a half hour each talking about strategic vision, how the changes would affect us, the usual stuff, and then the VP said, “But there will be at least one familiar face to help with the transition. I think most of you know Kelly Johnson, she used to work here, she’ll be the senior manager in charge of the products team moving forward, so…”

Everyone looked back at Teddy, who was white as a sheet and looked like he was about to have a heart attack. He was gone within a month.