DJ Gets Revenge on Message From Grade School Bully Asking for Concert Tickets

dj bully beatdown

All of us have been waiting for the moment when our bully from our school years gets their comeuppance. That moment when we’re enjoying the limelight, a new promotion, or our beautiful wife or husband, when they come up out of the garbage can they’ve been living in since high school and give us our opportunity to either bury the hatchet in the garbage can or the back of their necks.

In the case of Brandon Weiss, a DJ who performs under the stage name Kasum, it took him more than 10 years for his shot, but he did it stunningly.

Kasum was playing at Marquee nightclub in Manhattan, one of the biggest stages in America for dance music. It’s not an easy stage to get on to and often features A-list names among its patron roster.

With all of that hard work he put in to earn himself a name in his industry, it must have been a pretty big slap in the face to receive this text from his ‘best’ friend from elementary school the night of the gig.


dj bully beatdown 01

Owned. Karma like this is why it pays to be a good human being to everyone. Throw Kasum a follow on Soundcloud, either to support his music or just to support him taking no crap. Live successfully, my friends.