Drive Thru Worker Has a Hard Time Caring About Customer’s Complaint

Ever been told that, “the customer is always right”? Well, it seems that some fast food employees didn’t get the memo – as one unsuspecting complainer found out the hard way.

After going through the drive thru, the female customer in the video wanted to speak to a manger. Apparently, she had asked for a milkshake of a certain size that was $3.19 and was then told the shake was actually $3.29. She was apparently then told that she needed to leave, which is even more confusing.

Typically with these videos, we see pretty clear abuse towards a customer from staff, but this video isn’t as cut and dry. Why they couldn’t just let her talk to a manager is beyond me, but at the same time what exactly would she tell the manager? “The shake I wanted was 10 cents more expensive than I thought it would be, give me a refund”?

What happened next was pure drama, as staff at the store seemed unwilling to give her complaint the time of day. Annoying customer or terrible service? You decide.