Driver Gives the LAMEST Excuse to Get Out of a Ticket, and It WORKS

Typically, when an officer pulls you over to write up a ticket, there’s not much you can do to get out of it. Even if you happen to be lean, blonde, and of the female variety, there’s very little beyond getting into a time machine and going back to before you did whatever piece of stupidity got you the ticket in the first place that will save you from receiving nasty $100-300 fine.

Unless you’re this guy, that is. Clearly possessing some kind of super power, a man managed to get out of a ticket by telling an officer he was veering off course because he had caught sight of… a fat ass.

Yep, apparently butts are a legitimate reason for distracted driving nowadays. Less threatening than cell phones and applying make up while driving, the officer lets the perp go with complete sympathy, saying, “I can’t hold that against you.”

Unfortunately, the guy completely ruins the unreal moment by turning to the camera to call the cop a bitch for letting him go. Seriously? You get off from a ticket and the first thing you do is call the officer who let you go a bitch? In a day and age full of corrupt police officers, you should be eternally gracious. Even without police corruption, this was an INSANELY nice thing of him to do. How many times have you been able to joke with an officer about a fat ass, grab his hand, and drive off without so much as a warning? Never in a million years. This guy was lucky this time, but it looks like with that comment, his luck has just run out.