Drunk Construction Workers Break Down Wall In The Most INSANE Way

All work and no play will usually drive a person crazy. In the case of these construction workers, it’s been confirmed.

A construction team took a break from their busy day of work to entertainĀ themselves in their demolition the best way they knew how: alcohol.

‘Constructing’ their own little skit, one guy pretends to be the boss, shouting from the other room about how he better not catch his crew drinking on the job.

When one of them opens a beer, he walks in immediately to berate him, causing the ‘caught’ worker to exclaim, “oh no!”

This naturally prompts another worker from the other room to burst through the wall, a handle of Fireball whiskey in hand, screaming, “Oh yeah!”

Maybe not the most productive day at work, but hey, they did what they set out to do.