What This Drunk IDIOT Tried To Do To A Police Officer Is Utterly Unbelievable

You’ve probably met at least one person who you don’t want to be around when they’re drunk. Whether they’re incapable of forming a coherent sentence, puking on innocent people, or just plain violent, some people just can’t handle their liquor.

Unfortunately for some bar goers in San Diego, one of these classic examples stumbled outside looking for a fight. After beating up on a man for helping him get his drunk ass off the ground, he then proceeds to threaten other bystanders, even biting the man who tried to help him prior (let the “he’s a walker!” comments ensue).

It was really only a matter of time before the police showed up to get rid of this drunk moron’s sorry ass. Instead of going quietly, he exclaims “Get out of my fucking face” and attempts to deck the officer square in the jaw.

Luckily, he’s so intoxicated that he moves like a snail and the officer deflects his blow. Another officer rushes in and they easily subdue the bum.

If you want to skip ahead to this beautiful testament to police who are capable of doing their job without pulling guns, just go to 1:35 on the video. Enjoy!