How DUMB Can You Be?: Woman Faces a Year in Jail for Calling Someone “Stupid” on Facebook


A New York woman faces a year in jail for calling her former sister-in-law ‘stupid’ on Facebook.

Maria Gonzalez was banned from contacting Maribel Calderon by any means after divorcing her brother.

She violated the protection order by tagging her in one Facebook post in which she called her ‘stupid’ and another saying ‘you and your family are sad’.

Maria Gonzalez tried to argue the order ‘did not specifically prohibit [her] from Facebook communication’ with Calderon, the New York Post reported.

But a Westchester County Supreme Court judge wrote the order ‘prohibited the defendant from contacting the protected party by electronic or any other means’.

The order against Gonzalez was related to her divorce from Calderon’s brother, Rafael Calderon.

A marriage attorney from Manhattan, who was not related to the case, said the ruling proves that ‘everything you post anywhere can possibly be used against you’.

Gonzalez’s attorney, Kim Frohlinger, said she would not appeal the ruling.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.