15 Dumbest Products Banned in the USA

banned in the US

When you take a moment to think about it, it’s pretty bizarre how officials decide what is and is not legal. What gives them the right to ban one book but not another? Especially when it comes to works of fiction, hobbies, or toys that aren’t inciting anyone into committing terrible crimes or attempting to manipulate feeble minded people, it seems silly to just do away with them altogether.

Enter this list. Written by TheRichest.com, this list contains 15 of the weirdest things the US has decided to ban. Take note that plenty of these are still available overseas (some of these products, in fact, are thriving). Then take a moment to ask yourself, “Is this REALLY something I should never touch or is my government being a little too big brother right now?” Check out the list below. Don’t worry, we trust you to be able to read it on your own without any warning labels.

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banned in the US 15

15. Cannibal Holocaust

This one is a rather disturbing story, and although some do not see the reason for banning this film, I can certainly say that I fully understand it. The makers of this film used the “Blair Witch” tactic, years before The Blair Witch Project was ever conceived. The filmmakers created an incredibly realistic and believable backstory, telling the public that a documentary film team disappeared deep in the jungle of South America.

An anthropologist travels to that very jungle in search of answers to what happened to the crew months before. The man comes across “found footage” of the film crew, and the rest is history. The incredibly gruesome, realistic, and troubling imagery in this film is not for the faint of heart. It was so believable, in fact, that the director was arrested and charged with the murder of the film crew (who had been in hiding during promotion of the film to make us believe it was a true story). Once the cast emerged, unharmed, the charges were dropped. However, this does not make up for the incredibly disturbing nature of the film (which does include real animal cruelty). If you dare watch it, or even view still photos of the film, be sure to have a bucket or bathroom nearby. Yikes.