Primary Results Are In, With Only One Candidate Managing a Clean Sweep

Tonight Donald Trump reigned triumphant in all five states, while Hillary Clinton continues to lead, narrowing the odds that Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich will be able to rally a comeback for their respective parties’ nominations.

Almost instantaneously, the Associated Press called Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania for Trump. At the same time, Maryland was called for Clinton.


Here are the results for the 5 primaries:

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primaryeast 02

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“I just want to thank everyone,” Trump told supporters in his victory speech from Trump Towers in New York City. “This is a far bigger win than we even expected.”

Trump went on to characterize Kasich and Cruz’s brief campaign partnership against Trump a “collusion” and a “weak signal,” noting his own “landslide” victory in Tuesday’s primaries.

“The media’s covered me very fairly,” Trump said, clarifying to laughter, “for the last two hours.”

Trump also, once again, encouraged Bernie Sanders to “run as an independent,” calling the Democratic nominating process and its superdelegates unfair.

Clinton, in her victory speech from Maryland, told supporters, “Whether you support Sen. Sanders, or you support me, there’s much more that unites us than divides us.”

“We’re going to imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, families are supported, streets are safe, and communities are strong,” Clinton said, adding, “and where love trumps hate.”

The upcoming primary contests in Indiana on May 3 and California on June 7 are being hailed as likely to be watershed moments in both the Democratic and Republican races.

Trump has won Rust Belt states Illinois and Michigan, and although he lost in Ohio to the state’s own Gov. Kasich, Trump still captured about 36 percent of the vote to Kasich’s 47 and Cruz’s 13. Based on the results in Pennsylvania, Trump could be favored to win the last of the Rust Belt states, Indiana, next week. However, millions of dollars are being spent on ads against Trump in Indiana, which was not the case in the states competing on April 26, according to Fox News which reported only $100,000 was spent specifically targeting Trump in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

The Real Clear Politics average for Indiana polling shows Clinton ahead of Sanders, 47.7 percent to 43.7. That margin could swing for Sanders if he can win something tonight, but Clinton has been consistently ahead there.

The interesting takeaway from these primaries today especially is how divided each party continues to be, keeping the general election looking like it will be just as unconventional as the nominating process has been. Keep an eye on how Trump does in traditionally “blue” states as well as how well Clinton does in typically “red” states for a preview of what to expect, and not expect, in the 2016 general election.