Employee Gets Screwed Over By His Work, Gets Back at them Ten Fold With Help From the FBI


We post a lot of stories on people getting revenge – former bullies, general jerks, the works. One of the most satisfying forms of revenge, however, are those that take place in the work place, meaning this story really takes the cake.

At the height of telemarketing scams in the 90’s, one employee became responsible for busting an entire company in association with a huge telemarketing fraud scandal. In the end, the bust may never have happened if the company hadn’t screwed him out of money that they owed him. Guess that’s another thing to takeaway from this story – never scorn someone if they have information that can do you in.

Coming off the top social networking site for stealing articles Reddit, here’s the account of one man’s fight to do in the company that treated him like crap.


It was the early 1990’s and I worked for a telemarketing company with the initials “SMC” in Logan, UT. I was employed for two full days when I came to the conclusion that we were just scamming old people out of their money using grossly unethical methods.

I quit after my second day of work and when I received my paycheck I noticed that I was paid minimum wage instead of the $10.00 per hour I was promised when they hired me so I went back to complain. The office manager told me, “You didn’t finish the 90 day probationary period so you only get minimum wage.”

Bullshit. They never said anything about a probationary period in training and I know it wasn’t in the contract I signed upon hire. (Yeah, I actually read it before signing it.) As the office manager opened the door to have me leave he said, “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

I was fuming. I called the city offices and discovered that SMC didn’t have a business license and reported them. Less than an hour later I watched as the police showed up and told them they would have to shut down operations until they had a business license. (It took ’em two weeks.)

When they were back in business I used an elaborate scheme to get myself on their call list and recorded several of their employees efforts to sell me their crap (it was Utah and legal to record the calls). I knew what they were doing wasn’t just unethical, it was illegal.

Not only did I report it to a local news station who had their consumer reporter (Debbie Dujanovic) do a two part story on the scummy company but I also reported them to the FBI.

The owner of the company was one of the 200+ people that was arrested by the FBI in a nationwide sting of dishonest telemarketing companies. The FBI called it, “Operation Disconnect”.

“See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” Ha!