An Entire Town Disappeared for 30 Years. Now, It’s Back, and Here’s What They Found There

abandoned church

Part of life, unfortunately, is learning to adapt and grow while things change around you. You can’t just get out of the way of progress, as it’ll steamrolled you in its path. The world is going to move on and change whether you’re with it or not. It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes nature gives back to what humans have taken away.

It happened recently with a small mountain village. In 1985, the Venezuelan village of Potosi had to be abandoned to make way for the building of a hydroelectric dam. Sadly, everyone in the town was relocated while the reservoir was filled.

abandoned church 01

For decades the village remained completely underwater until the water level started to lower, exposing the spire of the town’s church. The odd appearance of a spire sticking out of a lake drew in curious visitors, but for some it was a symbol of the power of faith

As an intense drought settled over the region, the waters kept draining off without being replaced, and more of the church started to appear.

abandoned church 02

For a country like Venezuela, they rely heavily on hyrdro-power for electricity. So while the drought and the drainage wasn’t necessarily good news, it’s still fascinating to see what happened.


Now the whole town is clearly visible and accessible – and it’s incredible what has been found beneath the water.

abandoned church 03

Of course most of the remains have been demolished or completely destroyed, but the town’s cemetery remained intact and it’s allowing people to visit their loved ones again. The time underwater wasn’t very kind to the church, leaving only the skeleton of a structure

The re-emergence of the village has lasted long enough for grass to grow on the former lake bed, allowing cattle to graze. However, with the rainy season on the way, the village will likely be underwater again soon enough.

abandoned church 04

Well, I for one am glad that cows can again enjoy a nice grazing spot, even if it’s only for a short time. If you’re a bit of a cow fan, then you’re in luck.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.