Facebook Refused to Take Down Pictures of Murdered Woman’s Corpse Because of Messed Up Policy Loophole

A Texas man is accused of murdering his girlfriend and posting pictures of the grisly scene to Facebook.

Kenneth Alan Amyx, 45, allegedly posted two photos of the murder to the Facebook of his girlfriend 43-year-old Jennifer Streit-Spears on Sunday.

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The first showed Steit-Spears’ dead body. The second showed a man’s face, police believe is Amyx’s, covered in blood.

The caption read ‘Please pray for us’, according to the New York Daily News.

Streit-Spears’ sister saw the pictures and called police, who had to force their way into the couple’s apartment.

Inside they found Streit-Spears stabbed to death and Amyx alive with knife wounds police believe were self-inflicted, according to CBS11.

Amyx was arrested and taken to the Collins County Jail.

Pictures of Steit-Spears' dead body remained on Facebook for about 36 hours after multiple complaints from family.

Pictures of Steit-Spears’ dead body remained on Facebook for about 36 hours after multiple complaints from family.

A friend of Steit-Spears saw the picture and was horrified by the gruesome images.

‘The pictures were not clear although they were extremely scary I just started to reach out to our mutual friends to see if they’ve heard anything,’ Fran Stamey told CBS11.

The images stayed on Facebook for nearly 36 hours and took multiple attempts by the family to have removed.

Streit-Spears sister, who told The Daily Dot she wished to remain anonymous, said she was given limited options to have the pictures taken down.

‘I did ask them to remove it several times. They told me I could block Jennifer if I didn’t like what she posted and gave me other similar options,’ she told The Daily Dot.

A spokesperson for Facebook defended their actions to CBS11, saying graphic photos are not a violation of Facebook’s policy and even though they were flagged, they could not be removed until monitors determined Spears profile was hacked.

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Amyx was previously convicted of ongoing sexual abuse of a child under age 14 in Rockwall County, as well indecent exposure to a child in Dallas County, according to inmate records.

Amyx has been charged with murder and his bond is set at $600,000.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.