Liberal Actress Gets a NASTY Surprise From Farmers After Protesting on Private Property

Regardless of your stance on certain political issues, there’s one thing for sure: private property means private. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nobel peace prize winner holding a rally to save puppies, you still can’t do it on private land. That goes double for if you’re Emma Thompson holding a protest against fracking.

After organizing a bake off on a farmer’s land, the Oscar winning actress found out the hard way what happens when you ignore someone’s rights. She’s been receiving enough criticism for endangering jobs with her protests, but the real issue here is where she held the protest.

A farmer who wasn’t too happy about seeing an anti-fracking protest happening on his land and decided to take matters into his own hands. Jumping into his tractor, he drove by spraying manure at the protesters. According to the report, the air was beyond pungent and very much overwhelmed the smell of cakes.

Seriously, though, why the hell couldn’t Emma Thompson find a venue to stage this protest on? Sure, maybe she didn’t organize it, but you’d think if you’re gonna invite an Oscar winner to your event, you’d have secured permits or something. What is wrong with this world today? Sheesh…