‘My Father Will Fight for Equal Pay for Women': Ivanka Trump’s Surprising Speech Brings RNC to Boiling Point

Ivanka Trump took center stage at the Republican National Convention tonight as she introduced her father as ‘the people’s nominee’ to a delirious Republican faithful in Cleveland.

‘For more than a year Donald Trump has been the people’s champion and tonight he is the people’s nominee,’ Ivanka, 34, said to big cheers

Speaking with the utmost composure, she told the tens of thousands inside Quicken Loans Arena how she had watched her father ‘fight for his family. I have seen him fight for his employees. I have seen him fight for his company.

‘And now I am seeing his fight for his country,’ she stated.

‘He is colorblind and gender neutral. He hires the best person for the job,’ she said, seemingly in defiance to the accusations of his long history of mistreating women.

Grabbing away one of Hillary Clinton’s favorite talking points, she pledged: ‘He will fight for equal pay for equal work.’

 ‘And I will fight for this too right alongside of him,’ Ivanka Trump said.

The mother of three, who wore a $138 blush-colored sleeveless outfit from her own label for the occasion, told the crowd she was like many millennial voters – not Democrat or Republican – but voted based on who she believed ‘is right for my family or my country.’

Sometimes that is a hard choice, Ivanka admitted.

‘That is not the case this time,’ she said.

Each pause in her speech was greeted by rapturous applause and chants of ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’

Donald Trump is the person to make America Great Again,’ she said, using her father’s signature

Taking Hillary Clinton head on, Ivanka vouched for her father’s business savvy and commitment to helping women get ahead.

The eldest Trump daughter and vice-president of the Trump Organization touted pay equity and promised results, saying: ‘In our business, you’re not a builder unless you’ve got building to show for it. Or in my father’s case, city skylines.’

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‘In my father’s company there are more female than male executives. Women are paid equally for the work that we do. And when a woman becomes a mother she is supported not shut out,’ Ivanka continued.

Ivanka promised that her father, as president, would change the labor laws that were put in place long before women were a major part of the workforce.

‘And he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all,’ Ivanka said, repeating another promise that Clinton often uses on the campaign trail.

‘As a mother myself of three young children I know how hard it is to work while raising a family and I also know I am far more fortunate than most,’ she continued. ‘American families need relief.’

‘Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm,’ Ivanka said.

Coming onstage to great fanfare, she reminded the audience of the challenging 13 month course her father had traversed. He ‘sacrificed greatly’ she said, of waging his outsider and unconventional bid.

‘My father is a fighter, when the primaries got tough, and they were tough, he did what any great leader does: he dug deeper, worked harder, got better and became stronger,’ she said.

Like she has many times before, Ivanka talked about her childhood.

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‘If it is possible to be famous and yet not really well known, that describes the father who raised me,’ she explained.

‘In the same office in Trump Tower, where we now work together, I remember playing on the floor by my father’s desk. Constructing miniature buildings with Legos and Erector sets while he did the same with concrete, steel and glass,’ she said.

‘One of my father’s greatest talents is to see potential in people before they see it in themselves. It was like that for us too growing up,’ she added.

 She recalled how her father would see a story about someone down on his or her luck in the newspaper.

‘He’d write a note to his assistant with his signature black felt-tip pen and request that the person be found and invited to Trump Tower to meet with him,’ she said.

That meeting would lead to a job or a break and that person would leave Trump’s office ‘feeling that life could be great again.’

‘It is just his way of being in your corner when you’re down,’ she said.

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Ivanka and her father took to the stage earlier today to to road-test the podium, microphone and teleprompters.

Earlier this week, she admitted the prospect of introducing her billionaire father as he formally accepts the GOP nomination was ‘terrifying’.

She said Trump left the content of her speech up to her, adding: ‘I wish he’d give me input.’

‘I think he wants it to come from my heart. He says don’t worry, you’ll do a great job. So I’m trying to take that advice,’ she went on to say in her Good Morning America interview.

Her speech rounded off a week of addresses from Donald Trump’s entire family – his wife Melania, sons Donald Jr and Eric, and younger daughter Tiffany.

While his children all gave a cross-section of what kind of man the controversial real estate mogul is behind the scenes, Ivanka’s speech would offer a different perspective, according to her brother Eric.

‘She does the princess thing very well and she’s immensely close with my father,’ he told CNN earlier today.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.