FBI Shocked to Discover This Secret After an Intense 5-Year Manhunt

Managing to evade the FBI for five years is no mean feat, but that’s exactly what Bradley Robinet did. All starting in 2004, Robinet’s story is one of mystery and many surprises. Convicted of robbing a bank way back in 2004, our new criminal friend was sentenced to seven years in jail. Only serving five years of the sentence behind bars, he was released into protective custody in 2009.

Robinet was put on a bus to Seattle by the authorities, where he was supposed to stay at a halfway house… but that’s when our story got interesting. Failing to turn up at the halfway house, Robinet made a desperate break for freedom.

manhunt 04

Later in 2009, police stopped a car on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The driver (which turned out to be Robinet) ran, and managed to evade capture by ditching the car

In 2011 Robinet was spotted again, and chased by police. In order to escape he stole a kayak and paddled off into Puget Sound

He was not seen again until June 2014… Police finally got their man after a car was stolen in Oregon.

For the FBI however, this was far from the end of the tale. In March of 2015, the FBI followed clues to a hideout believed to have been used by Robinet while he was a fugitive. What they discovered was nothing short of extraordinary.

manhunt 01

manhunt 02

manhunt 03


bunker 01

bunker 02

Uncovering Robinet’s den, the police started to see signs of the basic lifestyle he was living while on the run.

They also found a pistol and a bullet-proof vest that had been stolen from the Seattle Police Department.

Finally under lock and key, Robinet pleaded guilty to all charges and now faces 12 years in jail.

It’s amazing that someone can evade police capture for that long, all while living in a place nothing short of a hovel. Thankfully Robinet has now been captured after all those years on the run

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.