Fight Breaks Out at Correspondent’s Dinner After Party Between Huff Post and Fox News Reporters

A swanky Correspondents’ Dinner after party turned violent in the early hours of Sunday morning after two reporters got into a fight.

Jesse Watters, a correspondent for the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, was in a scuffle with Huffington Post’s Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim during the event hosted by MSNBC at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C.

Dave Weigel, a national reporter for the Post, uploaded a picture of the pair getting into a tussle.

He said Grim took his phone out and started recording Watters, apparently giving the so-called ‘ambush reporter’ a taste of his own medicine.

fight 01

Watters snatched the device from Grim and tried to steal it. Grim went to retrieve it, sparking a fight.

One witness said punches were thrown, according to the Post.

Republican National Committee chairman Sean Spicer and a number of bystanders reportedly broke up the brawl, telling the pair he was trying to keep the piece.

Ryan Grim

fight 04

Grim later wrote on Twitter: ‘Ambush guy snatched my phone, didn’t like being filmed, he tried to keep it. That didn’t happen.’

fight 03

Watters hasn’t commented on what happened.

A spokesperson for Fox News told Daily Mail Online Watters will be addressing the issue on Monday’s O’Reilly factor.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.