Fisherman Catches Shark Completely Annihilating Another Shark on Camera

There’s a reason the word “shark” has been given to ruthless business minds all around the planet. A shark’s first instinct is to eat and conquer, and there is literally nothing that will stop it from its goals. If you don’t believe me, you need only watch this video.

The world’s seas may look tranquil, but there are a whole heap of scary inhabitants lurking just beneath the surface. That’s where this story comes in. A group of kayak fishermen were doing some catch and release fishing when a shark decided to come up and say hello. Well, ‘hello’ is probably the wrong word to use here, the apex predator didn’t pop up above the water and wave. On the contrary, it attacked the smaller shark the fishermen had released moments prior.

The smaller shark, which the fishermen revealed was a four foot black tip shark, was no match for the huge oceanic beast, a very large bull shark, who jumped at the opportunity to bag itself an easy meal. Unfortunately the unsuspecting black tip was almost swallowed whole by its much larger cousin. You can watch the madness unfold below.

WARNING: Graphic Content.

The footage above goes to show that when it comes to the ocean, no one’s safe – not even sharks. Now that’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it?