This Footage of This Bizarre Material Will Blow Your Mind

I’m constantly surprised by what brainy laboratory scientists dream up, but when I heard about Vantablack I was really intrigued. A manmade material darker than the blackest black, the product seemed to be the darkest thing on earth… until they made it better that is.

Developer Surrey NanoSystems just released a series of videos showing the new and improved material, and it’s definitely an upgrade on the previous version. Akin to a black hole in the way it works, the new Vantablack does not reflect any light, seeming to consume it instead – something we’re not used to seeing.

Interesting and more than a little strange, the video above is pretty amazing. Though we’re not 100% sure where or how you’d use something like this, we’re sure someone a lot more clever will be able to use it properly.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.