9 Ways That The Government Is Restricting Freedom In America

9 Ways Our Freedoms Are Restricted

Is America still the land of the free? In today’s highly monitored and “secure” society, Americans have been watching as more and more of their freedoms are stripped away from them in the name of the law. Some of these laws have a clear reason for existing but have resulted in negative outcomes due to outlier cases. For most however, the restrictions they place on law-abiding citizens is deplorable and should be enough to throw out these regulations altogether – if not for the sake of “safety”. Here are 10 freedoms that the government has limited. Click here if you would prefer to view this article as one page.


You can be labeled as a terrorist for siding with a group.

Under the Patriot Act, many amendments have been severely limited in their protections of American freedoms. Since being signed into law in 2001, the official definition of terrorism has been expanded to include a variety of domestic groups, including nonviolent groups engaging in civil disobedience. This will put your name on a list that enables easier access to a search warrant. In addition to this, should the government request information about your records from any sort of record keeper (such as a librarian), they can be detained if it is found they informed you of this investigation or if they attempt to safeguard your privacy.