Gangster Taunts Cops on Facebook, They Fire Back With EPIC Response

If you are a Gangsta in the hood and also a wanted man with a warrant out for your arrest, it is probably best not to taunt the cops on Facebook.

This is 24-year-old Richard Ramirez. He took a picture in front of the cop car that rolled up in his hood outside the 7-11:

orem police 02

He posted the wonderful picture to Facebook with the caption “What are this marranos doing in my hood they know We keep it Active eFe up”

For those uninformed, marranos means “pigs” in Spanish.

Orem police Lt. Craig Martinez said they were notified of the post days ago that showed a man standing in front of a patrol car. By Tuesday, he was arrested for a misdemeanor assault case.

After arresting the wanted man the Utah police department taunted him right back.

orem police

Bravo, Orem police, bravo. And in case you were interested in seeing him try to throw up more “gang signs”, here’s the picture the boys in blue referenced:

orem police 03