Girl Gets Called Out For Messed Up Act on FB, Her Reply Has Made Her Viral

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When we say that we believe in freedom, we really, truly do. It’s just… Some things we’d prefer you be free to do in privacy and not tell everyone you know about it. And again, no regrets and all but… Really?

This vague opening sentence has been brought to you by social media’s newest celebrity, an anonymous wife who posted a rather sensual selfie to her husband’s Facebook profile. When one of her friends butts in to question the behavior, the ensuing discussion reveals that this young wifey has been having an affair – with her cousin.

We gotta commend the girl for owning her mistakes, but is it really necessary for everyone on Facebook to know about it? Well, a whole lot more people know now, after screen caps were posted of what went down.

At the end of the day, just be glad your friends aren’t like this on social media. If they are, it may be time to make new friends.

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