After The Government Threatened to Fine Her DAILY For Her House, Her Neighbors Stepped In to Save the Day

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Keeping up with the housework can be a difficult task for most people. You leave one cup of water on the side and before you know it, you’ve got a mountain of dishes overflowing in your sink. This is something pensioner Anne Glancey knows more than most, after her old age and lack of family support left her house in something of a mess.

Unfortunately for Anne, her town deemed her home an eyesore and sent her an official letter with a fine. She had three separate violations, including having a deserted car in her driveway, having an overgrown lawn and having peeling and chipped paint on her house. She was told she would be charged a whopping $1000 for every day the violations went unresolved.

Thankfully, her kindly neighbors Kristin and Adam Polhemus decided enough was enough. Shocked to hear about Anne’s mammoth fines, they decided it was high time they did something about it.

Polhemus said she and her husband first learned of Anne and her situation from the family who sold them their house. Thankfully, Kristin and Adam stepped in just in the nick of time. They offered to help with Anne’s much-needed renovations for free, enlisting the help of 20 volunteers to prime, sand, and paint the house.

Kristin said: “One of our neighbors shored up the foundation and flooring while others performed structural repair to the side porch. We removed, scraped, primed and painted shutters; and we scraped, primed, and painted the exterior of the home. We helped Anne donate her car and we did landscaping to bring her lawn back to its original beauty.”

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She added: “I can say with certainty that none of us wanted any recognition for this project. We do hope that everyone reading this will take a look at their own neighborhoods with a new set of eyes. What needs fixing? Who needs a friend or companion? How can you help? Your neighbors are just family members you don’t know that well yet, and the relationship starts with you. I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it.”

Anne told ABC news how grateful she was to the couple and the other volunteers. She said: “I’m very grateful for their concern and their help and I tried to be as helpful as I could be when the workers came. I think they have a sense of generosity in reaching out to other people and that’s worth noting. It’s something that should be contagious. I hope to live in [my home] happily.”

When everything was done, Adam estimated the entire job would have cost $10,000 – $15,000 with outside help, a bill no one should have to pay just to keep their house. Nice job, guys.

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This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.