A Group of Guys Thought They’d Found the Perfect Apartment, Until They Saw What Was Behind the Blinds

through the blinds

There are all sorts of horror stories you hear from people when you’re out apartment hunting. Some people get stuck with non-working appliances, some with holes in the ceiling, and some places look like there’s a dead body buried under the floor boards.

However, it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen anything like this before. Though certainly not the worst thing to live with, it is downright skeezy.

A group of housemates in the London neighborhood of Camden were shocked to see the view through their window – straight into the wall. Their friend Jose Jimenez shared the hilarious yet heart-breaking pictures on the S*** London Facebook page.

He wrote the caption: ‘My friends rented a house in Camden… Amazing house with own bathroom, kitchen and windows with amazing views to the wall.’

blinds 01

blinds 02

Users commented on the worrying photos – given how expensive rent can be in the North London area of Camden.

However some couldn’t help but see the funny side.

Mille Cycon commented: ‘Think it’s called ‘Window Effect’ in Estate Agent speak…’

Carrera-Leigh Dix said wryly: ‘Ideal for painting on your favourite weather type!’

Imogen Owers-Gibbs added quite simply: ‘Daylight robbery.’

A fellow London renter told Jose to stop bragging: ‘At least you get one window. Mister money bags over here.’

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.