Gun Shop Owner Recoils An AR-15 Against His Nose After Reporter Claims He Injured His Shoulder Firing One

In a previous article, Gersh Kuntzman of the NY Daily News ticked off a lot of gun enthusiasts when he claimed that an AR-15 gave him “a temporary form of PTSD.” In The Daily News, he wrote “for at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable,” spurring Internet-wide scorn for comparing his afternoon at a controlled gun range to actual PTSD soldiers suffer from combat.

In addition to these ludicrous claims, Kuntzman also wrote, “The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing.” Clearly he was slamming his shoulder into the gun the whole time while he was shooting, because this sounds like one hell of a fairy tale.

Due to all of the hullabaloo over the article, one man has taken to the internet to present the truth, which has now been revealed thanks to this video making the rounds online.

Take a look at this rebuttal below:

To demonstrate that Kuntzman is more or less full of b.s. about the recoil from the AR-15 bruising his shoulder, Chris Waller of Voodoo Custom Weapons in Salisbury, North Carolina kindly fired an AR-15 with the weapon pressed right up against his nose. Perhaps not surprisingly, he walks away unharmed.

Game, set, match. Little sensationalist about those claims, eh, Gene?