Guy Accidentally Exposes Cheating Wife When Bragging to His Friends About Meeting Random Girl

cheating wife

At this point we’ve heard about so many mishaps occurring on Tinder that we’re positive we’ll never use the app again. This particular example may have been one of the worst ways to get yourself busted we’ve ever heard. A word to the wise: if you are going to do something skeezy, make sure there is no photographic or video evidence. Otherwise, if you get burned, we’re all just going to laugh about it.

A woman managed to get herself caught cheating on her husband thanks to a combination of the amazing technology on Tinder and Snapchat. When will people learn that cheaters never prosper? It was a long shot, but the truth is always revealed. Check out the story that was pulled from Reddit after it appeared:

“My friends thought I was getting catfished on tinder because the girl was way out of my league and we had n0 mutual friends. When we tried looking her name up the results came back empty.

Part of me was thinking it was time to throw in the towel but the other part really wanted to play this thing out. Even if she was a he, at least I could meet up with them and have a story to tell.

I asked her out on a date, and After 2 weeks of hearing nothing I forgot all about it. Then after work one day I got notified that she responded and accepted my date.

I was excited until y friends got me worked up again. Thinking that she (or he) taking this long to respond was another sign they* were catfishing me. *EDIT* At this point my friends started a theory that it was a bunch of people sitting around f*cking with me.

The night of the date came. We meet at a bar near the college campus. I brought 2 of my friends just in case and they were sitting in a separate booth near the bar area. To all of our surprises the REAL GIRL FROM THE PICTURES WALKED IN! She was a 10/10 again out of my league.

The date was going well I didn’t bother asking about why she was a ghost on Google. It was getting late, I asked her if she wanted to get some dessert, she told me this is a one time thing. I was a little confused but understood she was smoking hot and i’m a 7.5 on my best night.

I planned on walking home, she got an Uber. I walked her out and waited for her car, after she got in she asked if I was coming. WTF… I thought this was a one time thing. Hell yeah Im coming.

Here is where things get a little weird, she is staying in a motel, red flags start going off. I am pretty sure I am with a hooker, or that I am going to die. She told me her house is getting renovated and they booked her in this “hell hole”. I probably should have left, but I didn’t. It really was her room and within 5 mins of being inside we were both naked.

I am still planning on paying for a hooker at this point. So i decide to roll the dice and snap a few pics while we are doing it. We were both pretty drunk and she only caught me towards the end. I was adding my buddies on snapchat and sending them off as quick as I could proving she wasn’t a catfish.

She didn’t catch me until the last few snaps but at this point just laughed it off. Probably thinking I was just saving the videos. After we got done she told me again this is a one time thing. I hung out for another hour or so and headed home. My roommates were asleep when I got home so I had to wait until the morning to talk to them. Before I could I woke up to a text from a girl I use to kinda date saying “nice… real mature”. Turns out the last 2 snaps ended up on My Story.

I deleted them and feel pretty terrible about it. I wanted to message the girl on Tinder but he profile is completely removed. I guess it was a one time thing.

TL;DR Accidentally Snapchatted A one night stand banging me on my story for everyone”

That’s pretty messed up already, right?

Well, turns out it gets even more messed up. After he posted the picture, someone who saw the Snap took the pictures and posted them along with the girl’s real name in order to expose her cheating to her husband.

The pictures they posted are pretty NSFW, but you can go looking for them all yourself. All you’re getting here is the shot up above.

Meanwhile, her now ex took to Facebook to voice his own thoughts, proving that the pair were probably made for each other.